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Manage your Android phone on your PC

SnapPea is an application that allows you to manage files and content on your Android device.

SnapPea is a two part application: you'll have to install the Windows app as well as the SnapPea app for Android on your device. SnapPea for Android does nothing besides allow your computer to access your phone's content.

The interface of SnapPea is simple and easy to use. There's a column to the right that contains quick access to things like Music, Video, Photos, Texts, and a summary view. You can quickly glance at how much space you have left, your battery charge, and take screenshots from the summary page. There's also a live preview mode but it's extremely slow and laggy, so it's not meant for giving presentations.

Further down, you'll find that SnapPea includes a bunch of preset sites, most notably Google Play. This means you can browse for apps and install them directly from Google Play. SnapPea includes another app store called 1Mobile Apps, which it tries to push you to use. There are also sites for Android forums and even Pinterest. It's strange that you can't customize these sites and some of the included sites seem pretty useless.

Managing your content is easy. You can import or export music, videos, and even your text messages for archiving. Unfortunately there's no built-in media player so you'll have to copy your tracks to your computer instead of playing them directly from within SnapPea.

An alternative to SnapPea is AirDroid. Unlike SnapPea, AirDroid doesn't need desktop software to work. All you need is a web browser to sync with the mobile app. After that, you can control your phone's content through AirDroid's beautiful interface.

Overall, SnapPea is a useful desktop application to manage your Android phone.


  • Installs SnapPea for Android on your phone if requested
  • Simple, easy to use interface
  • Browse Google Pplay and other sites from the app
  • Read and respond to texts
  • Bulk install/uninstall apps
  • Imports music from iTunes


  • Can't customize sites in sidebar
  • Pushes 3rd party app store
  • No media player
  • No complete device backup feature

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SnapPea for PC

User reviews about SnapPea

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    bug in Android Lollopop ver 5.01 usb connection problem.
    cannot connect to my Lg D838 via usb, to back up my data. So i try to coMore

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Grat app!.
    The best way to connect to your android phone or tablet. all the tools you'll need to organize and access your apps, cMore

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    it's cool.
    It's simple (I like green), easy to use, does exactly what it says.

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